Senior Leadership Program (SLP) from IIM Lucknow

Learn Senior Leadership Program (SLP) from IIM Lucknow, one of the top-ranking internationally acclaimed education institutes in India. The program focuses on preparing aspirants for Senior Leadership roles nurturing their natural skills with in-depth course modules and sessions.

IIM Lucknow

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What you’ll gain

  • Opportunity to earn a certificate of completion from IIM Lucknow
  • Get IIM Lucknow Executive Alumni Status upon successful completion of the course
  • Learn with highly valued eight industry-oriented modules which will provide you with hands-on experience in the subject
  • Learn modern management and business practices and interact with professionals from different industries to garner global insights

Course details

As per the latest Global Research, only 35% of leaders can effectively manage change. Additionally, only 11% of companies say that they have an adept bench of leaders for the future. Leadership is often viewed as a natural skill. However, even then, it requires nurturing. This is where leadership development programs come into play. Senior leadership programs are a necessity today for a brighter and secure company future The Senior Leadership Programme course offered by the prestigious IIM Lucknow is an immersive course that walks the learners through a sequence of modules to provide them with a deep understanding of the business world and the crucial role played by the mid and senior-level managers in organizational growth.

  • Through a mix of live online and in-class sessions, learn how to effectively lead organizations and teams
  • Interact and network with professionals from different industries and garner global insights on modern business and management practices. 
  • Learn through real-world case studies, which will provide a better comprehension of the concepts.
  • Refine your leadership skills to manage your team efficiently.

To be a part of the Senior Leadership Programme course by IIM Lucknow, the participants must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:
  • The applicants should at least be graduates.
  • Furthermore, they should have at least seven years of work experience.

INR 4,21,000 + GST

Eleven Months

The Senior Leadership Programme course conducted by IIM Lucknow provides insight into the role of an organizational leader in the context of modern practices in organizations. You will learn to cultivate critical thinking skills and develop a strategic mindset. You will boost your leadership skills so that can create, direct and manage high-performing teams. Also, you will be able to strengthen your emotional intelligence, which will aid in empathizing with your colleagues and employees. Emotional intelligence also looks into the well-being of others present in an organization. Finally, equip yourself with the knowledge to align strategies with your business objectives to increase organizational efficiency and achieve those goals.

  • Mid-level managers who are striving to move forward in their careers, assuming strategic roles, and are curious to learn about the dynamic business models
  • Senior executives who are placed in various decision-making roles and wish to nurture their leadership skills to lead the organization
  • Top-level executives like directors, business leaders, and CXOs can also pursue this course to gain deeper insight into the global business scenario.
  • Consultants endeavouring to attain a holistic business perspective to assist their clients in strategic decision-making and expand their clientele

Leaders show the way forward; therefore, efficient individuals with adept skills and knowledge are much sought after in today’s world. Leadership development programs are specifically designed to train individuals to take ownership of their jobs plus the organization. Such programs are ideal for team managers as well as executive officers who are liable to guide individuals and the organization towards growth and success. The Senior Leadership Programme offered by IIM Lucknow promotes strategic thinking and mindset, decision-making skills, directing, and people handling skills, amongst others.

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